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How do I set up store pricing?

The store pricing settings allow for the Photographer to have full control over their own pricing/profit margin. They can set the pricing by a percentage for all products through the pricing markup feature and/or adjust pricing for each item individually. 

To begin, click on Settings from the Main Dashboard.


Pricing by a Percentage - Pricing Markup

You can add a mark-up to your cost price or to your current store price. Click Pricing Markup

Apply on Price: percentage applied to the current store price product and any mark-up the product price already has attached. This is a great tool to have when you run a promotion and want to add a percentage to account for the discount amount. For example, add an additional 20% to the price. 

Apply on Cost: percentage applied to the cost price of the product . This is a great option to use when you are setting up your prices for the first time. 

Enter your markup percentage and click Apply

You can also use this feature for a group of products. For example, hover over the prints and click Edit Price

Then click Pricing Markup edit add a markup just to this product. 

Editing Individual Item Pricing

To edit the price for an individual item, hover over the item and click Edit Price

Edit the price for the item(s) and click Apply

Tiered Pricing

To begin setting up tiered pricing, checkmark Tiered Pricing next to the desired item and click Edit Tiered Pricing

The photographer is able to set-up pricing per unit according to the number of units that are purchased. For example, if the photographer would like to sell 1-10 frames at $62/unit and 11+ frames at $56/unit, the pricing structure would look as follows. Click Apply, once the pricing is satisfactory. 

Click Apply again to save the tiered pricing.