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How do I ship all orders to the photographer first?

When an order is placed in the gallery store and integrated with one of the labs partnered with Pic-Time, the lab will produce and ship the order to the address provided during the ordering process. You can request that the order is shipped to the address associated with your photographer account, instead of the client’s address. You are then assuming the responsibility of re-shipping the order to the client. 

Ship to Me First

Click Settings from the main dashboard.


Then go to Store Pricing. Hover over the item and click Edit Price.


Select Ship to me first

Checkmark Apply to Product to apply the shipping changes to all product lines in the current view. 

Select the shipping method from the lab to your location. 

Add the extra number of processing days for this product. You will want to estimate the number of days it will take to receive and process the shipment on your side. This amount will be calculated into the estimated delivery time in the client’s shopping cart. 

Click Save Changes when complete. 

Modify your new shipping rates for this product by adjusting your shipping tier. These are the shipping rates that will be charged to your client when they place their order. Click Apply once finished. 

Shipping Info

You can find the shipping info for your client’s order in the Order tab. Go to Sales & Automation > Orders and click on the specific order, then click on Shipping Info.


You will find the client’s shipping address. 

Once you are ready to ship the order, you can save the tracking information for your client. Select Marked as Shipped + Add Tacking Info.


Choose the carrier, enter the tracking number and click Mark as Shipped when complete. Your client will receive an email wit their tracking information.