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How does Lab Shipping work? Packaging, Tracking and Rates

This article provides information regarding order packaging, order tracking, and the shipping calculator. You can view general lab shipping locations here.

When a client places an order, they will be presented with the shipping cost for their specific order. The shipping rates are calculated by Pic-Time in conjunction with the shipping rates set by the printing lab(s) relevant to the product(s) in the cart. When the products in the cart are shipped from multiple labs, the shipping charges from each participating lab are combined. Please note, when items are imported from one country to another, there may be additional customs duties and taxes billed to the recipient. To learn which customs duties and taxes may affect your client please contact the relevant government agency within your client’s country of origin.

Order Packaging

When orders are drop-shipped to your clients, they contain no branding pertaining to the printing lab, Pic-Time or the photographer (for most labs). There is no invoice/receipt included in the package. The product is neatly packaged by the printing lab professionals to maintain quality and form. Currently, Folio Albums is the only lab that has branding on their packaging.

Order Tracking (Client Access)

Once the order is shipped, clients will receive an email address with their order tracking. Click Order Tracking

Order Tracking (Photographer Access)

Orders can be tracked from the photographer store dashboard. Click Sales & Automation to begin.


In the Orders tab select the shipped order.


Click Shipping Info.


The order tracking info is located below the delivery address.