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How to disable your products in the store or backup your price list?

Backing up your price list (previously all products were enabled)

If you have all of the products previously enabled within a certain product group (for example, all sizes are enabled for prints), you can simply disable the product by unchecking it. The system will save all of your settings, so when you enable the product back, your prices will display as they have previously.


NOTE: It is important that all of the items under the specific product were enabled previously.

If you have some items that are disabled within the group, they will be enabled when you check the whole product back on. So in this case, you will want to backup the whole price list by making a duplicate instead!

Backing up you price list (previously only some products were enabled)

To backup your price list, click Edit Price List.


Click the Duplicate square.


Name the price list and click Apply.

Now you can disable the items to accommodate any potential lab delays and leave your backup version until the lab production times return back to normal! When you are ready to switch back to your backup copy of the original price list you can easily toggle the price list in the Gallery Setup tab of each project. 

If you want to change the price lists to the original for multiple galleries at the same time, you can also delete the temporary price list. You will be asked which price list the galleries should be replaced with. 


Our system also backups a copy of your pricing, so in an emergent situation, please reach out to our support team to see if they can restore a previous version of your pricing. They will need to do an approximate date of when the price list may have been changed.